The Good Bike -a Community Cargobike in Somers Town

First published on London Green Cycles, 20.03.16

An interesting initiative took place this week in Somers Town, the area in between Pancras Road, Euston Road, Eversholt Street, Crowndale Road, and the railway approaches to St Pancras Station. Creative regeneration specialists Clear Village and collaborative design group Eclective, took a Christiania cargo bike out in the community. The idea was to start a conversation around its use: ‘We will be exploring how we can design and build the – aptly named – Good Bike to be used and enjoyed by the community’ said the organisers.

On the first day, the Good Bike was positioned outside Neville Edith Primary School where passers by were invited to a game of ping pong set up over the top of the cargo bike.


Some great ideas came through on how to utilise the cargo bike including a mobile ATM machine, a funky Burger stall, a football bike and a clothes-galore bike!

Over the weekend, ideas continued flowing in exchange of a free crepe as the Good Bike pootled down to Chalton market and Ossulton Street, NW1. All ideas generated throughout the week were displayed for everyone to see and to share further thoughts on community use of the utility bike. What a great initiative!





Thanks to a generous grant from Lush, we have delivered a new cargobike to the Somers Town community. A local youth designed the logo for the bicycle. Camden Council Cycling Officer Ben Knowles will be administering the hires.



Somers Town families at Prudential Ride London. This is an experience that Somers Town residence would not have been undertake, if it weren’t for the Good Bike

Cargobike Life - Somers Town bike during Skyride


Thank to the very intelligent work by Ben Knowles, the Good Bike is a local success, used all the time by local residents. This is what Ben says:

“Participants of our community cycling program have been able to make great use of this, regularly returning with tales of adventure.  One time, a picture of it was even tweeted by Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London – after it was used to ride down to the Ride London Freecycle.  Of course really, it is the more humdrum adventures which we hear of that are the most transformational – of trips to the park, to school, or to the shops with kids – helping users see how their lives could be different, and changing how cycling is perceived.”

We are now looking for funding for a second bike. If you work for a public body or a community organisation and would like to see a Good Bike in your area, please do get in touch


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