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  • Impact of cargo bikes on the travel patterns of women – William Riggs and Jana Schwartz Results show that 78% percent of women used cargo bikes for trips with kids, vs. 56% of men. Qualitative work expands this and suggest that cargo bike use is likely tempered by access to a cargo platform, geography, cultured and rider experience. These results illustrate not only the powerful potential cargo bikes might have in shaping the travel patterns of the future, but also need to address issues in infrastructure and education that may pose impediments to female ridership.
  • Cargo bikes: Distributing consumer goods – Peter Cox, University of Chester “The cargo bike wheel turns full circle, as the economic rationality of carrier cycles as a logical choice for business makes them once more a desirable commodity. This is not only in simple monetary economic terms, but also as indicators of business commitment to improving urban life. Once again they become symbols of a new progressivism for more sustainable futures.” 
  • Electric cycle logistics in European cities  – Pro-e-bike “This document is for city administrations, national policy makers, and anyone considering a move to employ cycle logistics. It outlines the major learning points and success factors, and sets out nine recommendations for the most successful implementation.”
  • Cargo Bike Nation; Copenhagen – Copenhagenize “The City of Copenhagen has determined that 26% of all families in the City of Copenhagen with two or more kids own a cargo bike. This is the primary use of cargo bikes in Copenhagen – getting kids around. The cargo bike is the SUV in this city.”
  • What can governments do for more cycling in urban logistics? – ECF: “We expect to see goods delivered by cycle far beyond the cities where bikes are already part of the logistics system, in cities and municipalities all across the European Union.” Dr Bernhard Ensink, Secretary General of the ECF
  • Cargo Bikes as a Growth Area for Active Transportation – Journal of Transport & Health: July 2015: “Encouraging cargo bikes could be a strategy for increasing active transportation. They could be a future growth area in local non-automotive travel, increasing livability by reducing the total number of trips in a municipality, especially for those who drop off children at schools or daycares. While they appear not to be a silver bullet to overcome weather-related challenges, they may hold promise in leading to healthier habits for families willing to move to them as a platform.
  •  The Impact of Cargo Bikes on Travel Patterns: Survey Report – California Polytechnic State University, Feb 2015 “While a large body of research has continued to investigate traditional bike transportation, cargo bikes offer the potential to capture trips for those that might otherwise be made by car. To investigate this, a survey was conducted querying how use and travel characteristics changed upon cargo bike ownership
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