What do we do?

Cargobike Life is a social enterprise created to promote the use of cargobikes in the UK. Our experience shows that many people will entertain a Cargobike Lifestyle, if they are given a chance to try how it integrates with other aspects of their busy lives. We therefore propose a range of initiatives to overcome the main barriers for further adoption of cargobikes.

  • We work with Local Authorities to implement structured programmes in partnership with schools to facilitate the adoption of cargobikes by families with small children. See presentation here
  • We offer cargobikes trial days at events, parks, fairs, etc.
  • We facilitate the introduction of Community Cargobikes, through our Good Bike Initiative
  • We provide information to trade journals, specialising in mobility, urbanism, logistics, etc.
  • We provide support to charities and groups who want to set up Cycling Without Age projects
  • We offer consulting services to Local Authorities who want to implement Micro-Consolidation Centres in congested urban areas, for Last Mile Deliveries

At present we are also developing two initiatives


If you work in a large Corporation and want to lead in these highly-visual projects, please get in touch

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